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- Implement an 18- to 21-inch protected slot limit with one fish over 21 inches for largemouth bass on Lower White Oak Lake. - Enact statewide creel limits for catfish and crappie on Lower White Oak Lake. - Removal of the 13- to 16-inch protective slot limit on largemouth bass at Dierks Lake.

Jan 11, 2014 ... With the arrival of a new year, several changes in Arkansas sport fishing ... Lake Columbia, remove the protected slot limit and reduced creel limit on ... Add Monticello High School Pond to the Family Fishing Program. This is a ... Arkansas Black Bass Management Plan - Lake Ouachita The goal of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission largemouth bass management plan ... A "trophy slot limit" will be utilized on select lakes for enhancing opportunities to catch larger ..... (Exception: Lake Monticello which has a 16-24 inch slot Lake Columbia Largemouth Bass - Arkansas Secretary of State Black Bass Length Limits and Protective Slot Limits on. Certain Lakes). ... County. (D) Crappie daily limit – 20 in Lake Chicot and Lake Monticello. (5). WALLEYE.

I loved the lake and its people. I especially remember Martha Ludlow, Mark and Hod, and all of the Geyerman family (Sue, Ginger, and Fred).

Lake Monticello is most noted for trophy-sized LMB, less than 1% ( n =13) of LMB sampled ( n =1431) during routine annual Effectiveness of Slot-length Limits to Maintain an Arkansas Trophy ... Minnesota Slot Limits -

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May 29, 2018 ... RELATED: Lake Travis death underscores importance of following boating ... Earlier this month, Arkansas became the 10th state to approve use of ... Current slot limits and other special regulations currently governing ... On Fayette County, Gibbons Creek and Monticello reservoirs, a 16- to 24-inch slot limit ... Texas Register June 1, 2018 issue - Texas Secretary of State Jun 7, 2018 ... 14- to 18-inch slot length limit on Lake Davy Crockett (Fannin. County) with a 16- inch .... vest regulations for largemouth bass on Lake Monticello. Of the ...... creased, similar to the season structure in Arkansas. The depart-.

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For the purposes of the Arkansas State Game and Fish Code of Regulations, the following terms shall ... Drew County – Monticello High School Pond. Faulkner ..... Greers Ferry Lake and its tributaries – protected slot limit of 20-28 inches, daily ... ARKANSAS STATE GAME AND FISH COMMISSION ... - NCRAC Game Fish Daily Limit Possession Limit Length Limit Slot Limit Regulations ...... Management Areas (Lakes Monticello, Lower White Oak, Columbia, SWEPCO,. Angler Guide | Arkansas Fishing Report: Monticello Lake About: - Lake Monticello is one of the most popular largemouth bass fisheries in Texas. With the implementation of a slot length limit and catch and release practices of anglers, bass fishing at Lake Monticello has continually produced high numbers of quality-size fish. Update - Monticello Live I am against the drain of Lake Monticello. The lake does not need a total drain because it is a trophy lake and top 10 trophy lake in Arkansas. It is kind of funny that the game and fish wants this to happen because you know who will get paid for all the work to redo the lake oh yea the game and fish.